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NEAR MISS BONUS! Up to 10,000% of your stake back if you miss only 1 selection!

Miss only 1 selection on a multiple/accumulator bet totaling remaining winning odds of 25.00 or above and receive a bonus as follows

  • 100% your stake for winning odds between 25.00 and 49.99
  • 200% your stake for winning odds between 50.00 and 99.99
  • 300% your stake for winning odds between 100.00 and 199.99
  • 500% your stake for winning odds between 200.00 and 499.99
  • 1,000% your stake for winning odds between 500.00 and 749.99
  • 5,000% your stake for winning odds between 750.00 and 999.99
  • 10,000% your stake for winning odds of 1,000.00 or more
Terms & Conditions
  1. NEAR MISS BONUS only applies to live and pre-match trebles or more. Combination or system bets do not get a NEAR MISS BONUS.
  2. NEAR MISS BONUS is available on all sports, events and markets.
  3. In the case of postponed/cancelled match(es), the bonus will be updated based on the remaining matches left in your bet. For example, if your 4-fold bet with accumulated winning odds of 60.00 that should receive a 200% NEAR MISS BONUS on winnings has 1 match that is postponed/cancelled causing it to become a 3-fold bet with accumulated winning odds of 40.00, it will automatically be demoted to 100% NEAR MISS BONUS.
  4. The maximum NEAR MISS BONUS amount is capped at 3,500,000 MWK.
  5. Bonus bets or Free bets are not eligible for NEAR MISS BONUS. Only real money bets qualify for NEAR MISS BONUS.
  6. The NEAR MISS BONUS is calculated on the winning selections left in your bet if only one (1) of your selections is a loser. For example, a 100 MWK 3-fold bet with accumulated odds of 120.00 that has one losing selection at odds of 2.00 will receive a bonus based on the 2 remaining winning selections odds of 60.00. Based on the NEAR MISS BONUS structure, this bet will receive a 200% stake NEAR MISS BONUS of 200 MWK.

20% of your first deposit added to your account!!!

Your first deposit after registering with us will earn you an extra 20% bonus that will be added to your account and can be used towards a free bet.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Your bonus amount is added to your "Sign-up Bonus" wallet. Only winnings on bets placed with "Sign-up Bonus" funds will be converted to real money that will be added to your main balance.
  2. Your Sign-up Bonus amount must all be placed on one bet with the following conditions:
    • Minimum odds of 2.00 per selection
    • Minimum 5 unrelated selections in your betslip
  3. Maximum Sign up Bonus is 50,000 MWK. If your first deposit is more than 250,000 MWK, your Sign-up Bonus will be capped at 50,000 MWK.
  4. Any deposits made after your first deposit will not earn you a Sign-up Bonus.
  5. We have the right to revoke any Sign-up Bonus if we detect any fraudulent activity where a user is opening multiple accounts to take advantage of the Sign-up Bonus.